Savio Livingpond Pressure Filter with Springflo

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Watts: 9
Max Pond Size: 1,000 Gallons
Max Pump Size: 1,000 GPH


Watts: 13
Max Pond Size: 2,000 GPH
Max Pump Size: 2,000 GPH


Watts: 24
Max Pond Size: 3,000 Gallons
Max Pump Size: 3,000 GPH


Watts: 36 UV included
Max Pond Size: 4,000 Gallons
Max Pump Size: 4,000 GPH

2-Stage mechanical filtration removes coarse and fine floating particulate. Contains Savio Livingponds Springflo filter media to help convert waste into healthy nutrients that promote a healthy pond environment.
Bult-in bulb assists in water clarification. Glowing monitor indicates light is functioning properly. Visible indicator signals when pressure filter requires backwashing.
Heavy duty, watertight housing is easily accessible for filter maintenance. Can be partially buried to conceal filter.
Inlet/outlet barbs accept multiple hose sizes. Runs on 120 Volts/60 Hz with a 23' power cord