How to earn your points

Spending your hard-earned points is easy! Simply apply your points for a discount at checkout!

Accumulate points by executing these tasks.

Place Order

40 points

Like Facebook page

500 points

Subscribe Youtube

500 points

Shop product

All rewards

Earn more points for different actions, and turn those points into awesome rewards.

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$5 Off

Discount $5 for every 4,000 points

PondScape Points

You earn PondScape Points for every single dollar you spend with us. Both in the store or right here at

You can redeem your points for cash discounts in the store and online. They can be redeemed for discounts of multiples of $5.

Our system will automatically calculate how many points you earned for that particular purchase. It will then remove any points you earned for that one item and remove them, regardless of how many other items you bought. Only the points earned for the item returned will be taken away.