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PondScape Step-by-Step Leak Diagnosis FE

Regular price $499.00

This service is for detailed leak diagnosis only. This does not include any sort of cleaning of your pond or filters. This form does not authorize PondScape to perform any REPAIRS that would incur charges beyond the initial diagnosis charges as described on this form.

  • IMPORTANT: It may be difficult to diagnose ALL leaks or problems within one service call. We may find and fix a leak or multiple leaks but there may be several other leak points or factors that could be unnoticeable until the first problem(s) are fixed. These issues will require a separate visit and separate fees. Each visit will be charged a base service fee.
  • If a leak point is discovered and can be quickly repaired, our crews will do so while on site at no additional cost.
  • We will communicate via email with you between each visit before charging for the next visit. There will be no surprise charges. We will not exceed 1 man hour of diagnosis.
  • If a leak point is discovered that requires work over the prepaid hour, a detailed invoice will first be provided and will require the customer's approval before work will commence. At that time, this form will be closed/void and a Service Call / Invoice Scheduling Form will need to be submitted authorizing the invoice and work as described.
  • Your water feature must be filled with water to capacity in order for us to diagnose leaks. If this is not possible, please make a note of it in the general description field below.