PondScape Silver Recurring Maintenance OSP350

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PondScape's Silver recurring maintenance program is perfect for the homeowner that enjoys doing the day-to-day tasks and just needs a little help keeping a perfect water feature.  This service is performed year round. You can cancel the membership at anytime with no penalty.

The Silver Package includes the following:
PondScape will visit your home one every 3-4 weeks to check on the system as a whole.
Your annual cleanout in included.
The annual cleanout includes the following:

  • Drain your pond
  • Remove your fish and place them in our holding bins
  • Pressure wash the entire feature
  • Remove any excessive sludge and debris
  • Clean and vacuum the filters
  • Clean and service the pump system
  • Make recommendations for improvements or repair
  • Plus much, much more...

We will clean any filters and/or filter pads that require regular cleaning.
Remove any floating or large debris from the pond.
Observe fish health and notify you of any issues. (Does not include fish treatments or treating the pond due to regulations.)
Test the water if needed. This is only done if issues arise.
Maintain proper pump functionality.
Trim any excessive plant growth.
Install and maintain the leased Automatic Dosing System.
Install and maintain the leased electronic algae control system.
Refill the water treatments in the Dosing System. Any additional treatments needed are an additional cost.
Maintain any UV or pressure filters previously installed.
Reseal any waterfall rocks. (This is simply to redirect any water flow, not repair leaks or rebuild waterfalls)
Fall net is provided at no additional charge.


The Silver Package does not include:
Any products need to perform your winter shutdown. This services is included but the products must be supplied by the customer or purchased from PondScape.

Any service beyond regular maintenance such as, leak diagnosis and repair, pump replacement, etc. 

The leased systems are property of PondScape and will be removed if the membership is cancelled or you can opt to buy them at a discounted price.


We install an XT Automatic Dosing System next to your water feature that automatically treats your pond as needed. This way, you don't have to remember to add your treatments to your pond!


Speaking of water treatments, we are going to make sure your pond is dosed with PondScapes ever-popular Pulse Supercharged Bacteria. Your also going to get the all new PondScape Liquid Scour added as well!


Everyone hates algae. This is why we are also going to lease you a Aquascape Ion Gen. This is an electronic device that we will install for you that will minimize or eliminate the amount of algae build up.


We are going to stop out at your place once a month to make sure your pond is always in it's in tip-top shape.


If one of our Pond Pro's shows up for your service and notices something off, we will check your water quality!


Our job is to make sure your pond stays running. We will clean off all of the yuck that builds up within your filtration system, ensuring proper water filtration.


If we are servicing your water feature and notice some rocks have been moved, or shifted, we can make sure they go back where they should be. Then we seal them up with our waterfall sealant.


Let us remove the excess debris from your pond to make sure it's as close to the day you got it installed.

Membership F.A.Q.


We did an independent survey of every single person in the room at the time of this idea:

75% said they like saving money.

25% said they didn't.
The only differences between those people was the 25% that didn't was a 5 year old.

Our team spent a lot of time breaking down what it is that you ask us for. The things that make our phones ring off the hook. We then decided to bundle all of those things into a plan that allows us to take PREVENTATIVE measures, stoping issues before they happen.

Taking a proactive instead of reactive approach to pond mainteance, you can avoid things like costly leaks, devastaing pump failures, and lights that just won't shine. We make sure that your pond doesn't look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon took a nap on your waterfall.

Save money with our customized reports indicating things like structural issues, water leaks, potential fish health issues, and predator presence notifications.

Ease of Use:

Nothing else makes owning a pond easier. With our Electronic Algae Control System and Automatic Dosing System, you can forget about remembering to add your beneficial bacteria or even doubling up your treatments after someone else already added it. Gone are the days of ugly string algae that is custom set for your pond.

Hands-off approach:
The best day of a pond owners life is when their pond is finished. the worst day is when they realize it needs constant super vision. WIth your PondScape Bronze Maintenance Plan, you no longer have to do smelly, wet, heavy work on the pond. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. With monthly visits, you'll be happy knowing someone that cares has a watchful eye open.


Adding up the cost of pond products and equipment isn't very fun. This is why we recommend you trust that our math is correct. After paying for fish food, preventative maintenance water treatments, reactive maintenance water treatments, test kits, refills, fish care products, you can EASILY spend over $1,000 a year. The worst part is, you still have to do the work yourself.

This is why we tried our best to make our packages affordable. It's not a secret that businesses can give better deals with more clients, and you took that to heart. With our ever increasing volume of maintenance customers, this allows us to spread our savings out to everyone. This means savings that only go to our most loyal fans!

Peace of Mind.

Go on vacation. Stay the weekend at the in-laws. Don't schedule your daughters wedding around the shutdown of your pond weekend. Allow us to handle all of that for you. Rest assured that the only thing you will need to do with your pond is to enjoy it.

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Cleanout F.A.Q.

This question is very tough to answer. There are so many variables like how many new and return customers we get. There are also things like weather conditions and environmental impacts. It's almost impossible to say exactly when, but typically the furthest scheduled date is 2 weeks. On rare occasions, we have been out as soon as the next day!

Of course! Your fish are just as important to us as they are to you. When we come and do your cleanout, we will add your fish to a seperate tank that is filled with your old pond water. This will not only help you save money when refilling your pond, but it will reintroduce your fish to an environment that is familiar, yet cleaner.

It's all good! We will still come and do your cleanout on the day we told you we would be there. After we are finished, our Pond Pros send all of your information to our HQ. We will then tailor a customized letter for you, letting you know what we did, along with anything we would recommend for your pond.

Absolutely! When you're filling out your form, make sure you select that you want Special Scheduling.

We offer Early Bird scheduling for those with a calendar crunch. This allows you to move your cleanout to the front of the line.

If you will, imagine that we do our scheduling in waves. Once we start accepting applications for cleanouts, we take them in the order the come in, and put them in a first-come-first-serve basis.

So the first person to turn their form in, will be the first to get scheduled. However we also have to take into account geography. It wouldn't be very smart for us to drive 2 hours in between each call.

This means that we will take whoever signed up first, and try to lump as many cleanouts into that day and time as possible.