Lake Maintenance

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PondScape Recurring Maintenance Programs for Earthen Ponds GOLD Plus

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We classify these ponds as MUD PONDS, FARM PONDS, LAKES, EARTHEN PONDS, RETENTION PONDS, DETENTION PONDS, etc. This form is for ponds that DO NOT contain any sort of liner. This form is NOT applicable for ponds with rubber liners, concrete ponds, or any sort of self-contained systems.

Membership Program Notes

  • PondScape will apply the proper amount of water treatments based on your selected service level.
  • Manual removal of HEAVY string algae and the cutting back of overgrown vegetation is not included with any service plan.
  • "Starting at" rates; additional costs may apply and must be presented to the customer by PondScape for authorization.


 SILVER (Algae & Weed Control)

  • Includes resistant and non-resistant algae control, underwater weed control, shoreline weed control, water colorant, biologicals, visits TWICE EACH MONTH April - November. 

     GOLD (Complete Pond Care Program)

    • Covers everything in SILVER package plus all weeds, aggressive colorant use, aggressive biological use and winter service for colorant if not frozen-over. Visits TWICE EACH MONTH April - November.  

      This service is billed over a 12 month period.