Pondscape Professional Fountain Removal, Cleaning, Storage OP

Regular price $650.00

Professional fountain removal, cleaning and storage.  

For fountain storage, PondScape will remove, power wash, and store your fountain in a climate controlled facility for up to 5 months. Customer must pickup the fountain or sign-up for PondScape reinstallation before the 5 month deadline. After 5 months, we charge $20 per day for storage fees.
Fountains over 7.5HP require a custom quote for service

We need some information about your fountain to properly quote the service available. If you do not know the answer to your fountain SIZE below, choose I don't know, and we will charge you the rate for the largest size listed and refund the difference once our crews determine the size of your fountain at time of service. IMPORTANT: Do not guess. If you you choose a size and we arrive to determine your answer to be incorrect, you will be charged for the maximum size with no refund. We arrive prepared to work with the size you selected. It is best to choose I don't know, and receive your refund after the service rather than guess and be charged the maximum additional amount.