PondScape Professional Assembly and Installation of New Fountain OL

Regular price $500.00

Professional Installation of New Floating Fountain

Includes the assembly, anchor rope and anchors.
The electric will be run to the shore. This does not include any trenching for the power cords. A qualified electrician will be required for having electric available at the shore and connecting the electric and fountain wires to the control box. This will not be performed by Pondscape. (Evolution Fountains are 110v and only require a GFCI standard outlet.)

From the available selections -

Choose your horsepower, if you purchased the fountain from us, this will be on your receipt or you can call us.  If you do not know, you will be charged the full amount and refunded after the service is completed.

How would you like your fountain anchored?  Shore anchor is included.  Bottom anchor is an additional fee.

Would you like the control panel ahead of time?  If you would like your control panel before the fountain is installed so electric can be run.  You can pick it up in the store or have it shipped to you.

Do you need any trenching done?  If you would like your power cord trenched from the shore to the electric box.  Otherwise, the power cord will left on top of the ground.