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PondScape General Service Call FL

Regular price $299.00

 This page allows you to schedule a one-hour (maximum) service call. Services include but are not limited to diagnosing a pump issue, installing a new pump, cleaning and rinsing filter pads, or any other general technician duties that can be completed in under an hour on-site. Additionally, our GENERAL SERVICE CALL can also be used for warranty work, including manufacturer-covered products that require labor not covered under the warranty. You can also utilize this option for warranty swap-outs.

The General Service Call Request is for warranty issues of any kind, service visits for simple, quick installations and any site visit that can be accomodated within 1 man hour.

Please understand that during GENERAL SERVICE visits, no further charges for time or product beyond the 1 man hour can or will be charged.

This type of service is reserved for quick fixes and swap-outs primarily.