PondScape Flocculant

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• Keeps pond water clean and clear
• Combines uspended particles
• Biodegradable formulation

Pond Clarifier
FLOCCULANT clears pond water by combining suspended particles into larger pieces that then drop out of suspension or collected in a pond filter utilizing a fine filter pad or filter sponge.

Turn off circulation system in our pond before using Pond Clarifier. Use the graduated measuring chart on the side of the bottle adding 1 ounce/30 ml for every 1,000 gallons/3,800 L of pond water around the perimeter of the pond for proper dispersion. Wait 15 minutes and then turn circulation system back on

If extremely poor water quality exists, treatment can be safely doubled to 2 oz/60 ml per 1,000 gallons/3,800 L. Pond water may cloud temporarily in ponds with a high pH.

For Optimal Results
Ensure water has a pH of 5.7- 9.5; a water temperature of 48°F/9°C, and proper circulation via pump, fountain or waterfall.

How to calculate Gallons of Water in a POND Length x Width x 80% x Avg. Depth x 7.48 = total gallons
How to calculate Gallons of Water in a STREAM Length x Width x .25 (Depth) x (7.48) = Gallons in the stream