PondScape Dry Dechlorinator 16oz

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•Economy Dry Formula
•Treats up to 48,000 gallons
•Immediately Removes Chlorine

For best results: When adding RETREAT during a water change, it is safest to fill buckets of tap water and apply the correct application for the number of gallons the bucket holds. Stir water in the bucket and dump treated water into the pond. Apply RETREAT to an area of the pond with the most circulation to ensure the product will be dispersed

NEW POND: Use 1 ounce / 28g to treat up to 3,000 gallons of water. Apply RETREAT at rate prescribed after new pond has been filled. After 20 minutes pond water will be safe for fish and plants to be added.
ESTABLISHED POND: Apply RETREAT at the rate prescribed above when performing a water change or refilling evaporated water.
NOTICE: RETREAT only removes chlorine. Not a fish medication.