PondScape Defender PLUS Pond Pack

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Helps Prevent Unsightly Stringy Debris

  • Discourages new growth of stringy debris
  • Helps bind phosphates
  • Contains 3 inner packs, for 3 total treatments

DEFENDER PLUS works as your consistent maintenance formula to stabilize your pond's micro-nutrients and safely reduce stringy debris on rocks, waterfalls and streams. All-natural ingredients enhance the function of your pond's natural ecosystem. When used weekly, DEFENDER PLUS will keep your water pristine and significantly reduce pond maintenance.

Pack contains 3  equally dosed bags of product. Mix one inner bag in a small pail of pond water. Let dissolve then spread evenly around pond. Apply second inner bag 7 days later. Apply third inner bag another 7 days later. 

These three weekly treatments, spaced 7 days apart, should bring pond water to a sparkling clear condition. For best results, apply monthly after the initial 3 doses.

Safe for fish and ornamental pond plants.