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PondScape Basic Winter Shut Down Plus

Regular price $349.00
The basic winter shut down is charged as a flat rate with no hourly labor fees. A PondScape technician will come to your house and perform the following procedures: Disconnect your pump and check valve, allowing the water from your waterfall box to back flow and drain from the plumbing lines into the pond. We will remove 1 pump and check valve from the water and place nearby the pond for the customer to store in a frost-free location for the winter. We will also install a floating deicer/heater and winter aeration system in the pond.

Do I need a deicer and aerator?
If you have fish in your pond, you need to keep a hole in ice. We use a deicer and aerator to keep the pond aerated and keep a hole in the ice. If you already have an aerator and deicer, we will install them for you. If you need new, select from the available choices.

If you do not have fish in your pond, a deicer and/or aerator is not needed.