EasyPro Pond-Vive Bacteria 8oz Packets 50lb Box (100 Packets Per Box)

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The Pond-Vive Bacteria, available in 8oz Water Soluble Packs within a 50lb box, provides an effective solution for pond maintenance:

  • Bacteria Blend:
    • Contains enzyme-producing bacteria designed to reduce sludge buildup, eliminate pond odors, and enhance water clarity.
  • Benefits:
    • Reduces oxygen demand and excess nutrients, fostering a healthier pond ecosystem.
  • Formulation:
    • High concentration of 5 billion colony forming units per gram for enhanced effectiveness.
    • Includes growth nutrients to stimulate bacteria and enzymes that break down waste for quicker processing.
    • Features cold water bacteria effective in temperatures as low as 38°F.
    • Contains pulverized barley straw additive for added benefits.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Best Practices: Apply 4 to 6 lbs. (eight to twelve packets) per surface acre every two weeks.
    • Application: Water-soluble packets dissolve quickly when tossed into the pond, simplifying the process.
    • Dosage Adjustment: Use the higher dosage for older ponds or those with higher levels of sludge/muck.
    • Initial Application: A doubled dosage at the beginning can jump-start the treatment process.
  • Caution:
    • Avoid using copper-based algaecides for 48 hours after applying Pond-Vive for optimal results.