Aquascape Pond Shark

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The **Aquascape Pond Shark** is a convenient and versatile pond maintenance tool designed to simplify the process of cleaning and maintaining your pond. This innovative product combines three essential functions in one, streamlining pond cleanup and making it more efficient.

**Features of the Aquascape Pond Shark:**
1. **Sturdy Net:** The Pond Shark features a durable net that is perfect for safely handling fish and collecting debris from your pond. Whether you're removing fallen leaves, debris, or relocating fish, the net provides a reliable and gentle way to do so.

2. **Raking Blades:** The Pond Shark is equipped with innovative raking and scraping blades designed to easily cut through and collect unwanted pond debris and string algae. These blades help you target and remove debris that may be stuck to the pond surface or submerged.

3. **Telescoping Steel Handle:** The Pond Shark comes with an integrated telescoping steel handle that is built for durability. The handle can be extended up to 60" (or 96" for the Pond Shark Pro) to provide easy reach and maneuverability, allowing you to effectively clean and maintain different areas of your pond.

The **Aquascape Pond Shark Pro** takes pond maintenance to a professional level with enhanced capabilities and an extended telescoping handle.

**Features of the Aquascape Pond Shark Pro:**
1. **Enhanced Length:** The Pond Shark Pro comes with an extended telescoping steel handle that reaches up to 96". This longer handle is especially useful for reaching deep areas of larger ponds or water features.

2. **All-in-One Solution:** Similar to the standard Pond Shark, the Pond Shark Pro combines the functionality of a sturdy net, raking blades, and scraping capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for pond maintenance tasks.

Both versions of the Pond Shark are designed to make pond maintenance tasks more efficient and convenient. Whether you have a small backyard pond or a larger water feature, the Aquascape Pond Shark offers a versatile and effective tool to help keep your pond clean, clear, and well-maintained.