Pond-Klear Aquatic Herbicide 16oz

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Pond-Klear™ Aquatic Herbicide is a broad spectrum herbicide for submersed, emergent and floating pond weeds, including common invasives like duckweed, watermeal and eurasian watermilfoil. It is also effective against filamentous algae, such as Pithophora and Cladophora. The concentrated liquid is easy to use and provides fast results – showing activity in as soon as 3 days.
  • Fast, noticeable results controlling duckweed/watermeal
  • Controls a broad range of nuisance submersed aquatic plants at rates as low as 200 parts per billion (16 fl. oz. per acre foot)
  • Controls filamentous algae
  • Contact herbicide, quickly degrades in water column
  • Can be tank mixed with copper products
  • Concentrated liquid formula