Aquascape Pond Detoxifier Professional Grade

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Aquascape Pond Detoxifier Professional Grade is a powerful solution designed to make tap water safe for your pond's inhabitants, offering peace of mind and promoting a healthy aquatic environment. This specialized formula effectively removes and detoxifies harmful substances present in tap water, such as chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, copper, and heavy metals. By using Pond Detoxifier, you can ensure the well-being of your fish and aquatic plants while minimizing the stress associated with water quality issues.

The professional-grade concentration of Pond Detoxifier provides enhanced effectiveness for discerning pond professionals, ensuring that you can maintain optimal water conditions for your ecosystem. With the included measuring cup and dosage guide, application becomes simple and accurate. Each bottle contains 1 gallon of treatment, which can treat up to 96,000 gallons of water, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining the health and vitality of your pond.