PondScape Pond Arsenal

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The PondScape POND ARSENAL comes complete with everything needed to maintain a healthy and clear pond. Not only does this convenient kit come with everything to treat your water but it also comes with everything necessary to clean the edges and waterfall of unsightly debris.

POND ARSENAL contains the following products:
• Defender Plus(Helps prevent unsightly water conditions) 1lb or 2lb
• Scour (Quickly removes debris from pond surfaces) 1lb or 2lb
• Sludge Assault (Aggressive Pond Bottom Bacteria Supplement) 1lb or 2lb
• Harmony (Beneficial Bacteria and Enzyme water soluble packets) 12ct or 24ct

* Treatment based on a well-maintained, correctly built and adequately filtered balanced-ecosystem-pond. Problematic ponds may require stronger dosing.

1000 kit treats a 1,000 gallon pond for 6 months

2000 kit treats a 2,000 gallon pond for 6 months