API Pond Algaefix

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Tackle your algae troubles with our fast-acting and effective pond algaecide. This EPA-registered solution swiftly deals with various types of algae, from green water (Chlorella) to string and hair algae (Cladophora), and even blanket weed algae (Oedogonium), in ponds, koi ponds, and fountains.

Rest easy knowing that our algaecide is safe for your fish, plants, surrounding wildlife, and pets when used as directed – and it's copper-free. Before use, ensure your pond or fountain enjoys robust aeration, as this algaecide thrives in well-oxygenated water. Simply blend it thoroughly into your pond or fountain water and distribute it evenly. For optimal results, repeat the dose every three days until the algae is under control. Subsequently, maintain your pond or fountain's cleanliness and clarity by applying a weekly dose to prevent the return of algae.

API Pond AlgaeFix Application Rates:
- Add one dose every three days until algae is controlled (usually 3-4 doses).
- Afterwards, apply once per week to keep algae at bay.
- For every 50 gallons, add 1 tsp; for every 600 gallons, add 1/4 cup.
- Introduce the algaecide in an area with high water circulation and aeration.
- You can also mix AlgaeFix in a bucket of pond water and disperse it around the pond for even distribution.

Reclaim your pond's beauty and serenity with API Pond AlgaeFix – the ally you need to maintain a clean, clear aquatic environment.