Aquascape Pond Aerator REPLACEMENT Aeration Disc

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The Aquascape Pond Aerator Aeration Disc is a crucial component that works in tandem with an aerator or air pump to facilitate proper aeration in your aquatic environment, leading to improved water quality and fish health. By enhancing oxygen exchange, this disc plays a vital role in maintaining the overall balance and well-being of your pond or aquarium.

The aeration disc can be easily anchored or concealed using small rocks or gravel, allowing for flexible placement according to your preferences. Its robust plastic housing ensures durability and extends the lifespan of the disc. Accommodating 3/16" tubing, the Aquascape Pond Aerator Aeration Disc is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Aquascape 2-Outlet and 4-Outlet Pond Aeration Kits. However, its versatility extends to compatibility with various traditional aquarium and pond aerators or air pumps. By incorporating this disc into your aeration setup, you can contribute to a healthier and thriving aquatic ecosystem.