Oase 3rd Gen FiltoClear Pressure Filter

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In-line pressure filters offer biological and mechanical filtration that can be
located remotely
• Oase FiltoClear provides mechanical and biological filtration with ultraviolet
clarification (UVC)
• Compact, high-capacity filter is perfect for Fountain, Formal Spillway, Pond-free
and Water Garden applications
• The high quality, impact resistant body can be buried to the clamping ring
• 3 densities of replaceable filter foams, new plates and extra supports improve
cleaning function and ensure long service life
• Patented UVC Cleaning Rotor keeps quartz glass clean for better transmission of UV
light (FiltoClear 5200 & 8200 only)
• 2-way Valve backflushes filter and directs waste with Easy-Clean Technology, no need
to open filter or remove the cover
• Monitor UVC, filter performance and pollutant level and change UV lamp all without
opening filter
• Newly developed bypass technology ensures constant water flow and prevents the
filter from becoming clogged.