Low Water Shut Off Switch

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Little Giant RS-5 Series Diaphragm Switches

Converts manual pumps to automatic operation

The Little Giant RS-5 Series diaphragm pump switches offer easy conversion from manual to automatic operation. These switches will work in clear water, grey water (effluent applications) or black water (sewage applications) such as in a sump system, sewer system or used in a pond skimmer to shut the pump off if water levels drops due to a dirty or clogged filter media. Switches can be attached to the pump itself or to the piping.

Each switch includes two tie-wraps and 4 threaded fasteners for mounting the switch.

All products are CSA-R certified to USA and Canadian standards.

How they work

The RS-5 switches will activate when the pressure on the switch increases. As the water level rises, the water pressure presses against the switch and compresses a diaphragm inside the switch. When the diaphragm is compressed the switch turns on, when the pressure eases off of the diaphragm the pump turns off.

On/Off Levels

The RS-5 products have a 5-inch differential. The RS-5LL (low level switch) has a 1-3/4-inch differential.