Aquascape LED Fountain Light

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The Aquascape Fountain Light presents an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your decorative fountains in a captivating manner, particularly during nighttime hours. By adding a stunning ring of light at the top of your fountain, this accessory has the power to completely transform the nighttime appearance of your water feature.

Featuring a potent 2.5-watt LED diode, the Fountain Light emits light that is equivalent in intensity to a 10-watt halogen light. Installing the Fountain Light within your fountain is a seamless process, thanks to its barbed hose tail and quick-connect fitting. This design also enables water to flow through the center of the light, adding an intriguing dimension to the illuminated water display.

With its energy-efficient nature, compact size, and sturdy construction, the Fountain Light is built to provide years of hassle-free enjoyment. Emitting a natural-looking white light with a 3000 Kelvin temperature, this light enhances the aesthetics of your water feature in a subtle yet enchanting manner.

It's important to note that Aquascape Fountain Lights are meticulously sealed to prevent water damage, and they come with a limited five-year full replacement warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. For optimal use, the Fountain Light requires a 12V transformer (sold separately) to power the light and create a captivating nighttime ambiance for your decorative fountain.