Firestone Lap Sealant 11oz

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Firestone Lap Sealant is specifically designed edge treatment used to ensure a watertight seal while seaming two PondGard EPDM liners. This adhesive caulk serves as a final precaution against leaks and is applied to the outer edge of a seam. Firestone Lap Sealant applies easily using a caulk gun.

Made in the USA.
11 Oz Tube
20 – 22 Linear ft. coverage
Patching Small Holes or Tears

Use the 6″ single sided tape. Thoroughly clean the liner area using Primer and an abrasive pad. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Remove the paper backing and apply the tape being careful to provide a smooth cover. Roll to provide pressure to all areas of the tape. Apply Lap Sealant to the tape edges for the final step and allow to dry for several hours before contact with water.
Firestone Lap Sealant HS Method of Application

Surfaces to which Firestone Lap Sealant HS is applied must be clean, dry, free of foreign materials and excess dusting agent. Clean with broom or rags if necessary.

Wait Before Applying Seam Edge Treatment
Wait to apply seam edge treatment a minimum of 4 hours after completion of a flashing unless weather is threatening. If weather is threatening, apply Firestone Spllce Adhesive to the edge of the flashing splice (next step below) before leaving the project. If weather is not threatening, the seam edge must be applied no later than the end of the next day following the completion of the seam.
Coat Flashing Step-Off:
Apply a layer of Firestone Splice Adhesive along the entire seam edge, a minimum of 1″ on each side of the step-off following current Firestone Splice Adhesive application procedures. Allow the Splice Adhesive to flash off (get tacky).
Note: If the seam edge has beeen contaminated, clean the seam edge a minimum of 1″ on each side of the step off with Firestone QuickPrime Plus and allow to dry, prior to application of the seam edge treatment.
Apply Firestone Lap Sealant HS
Apply a continuous bead of Lap Sealant HS approximately 3/8″ x 1/4″ centered over the flashing seam edge, using the plastic nozzle applicator supplied by Firestone. Be sure to keep the nozzle applicator centered over the lap step off. Refer to seam details.
Firestone Lap Sealant HS Coverage Rate

Approximately 20-22 linear feet of 3/8″ x 1/4″ bead per 11 oz tube