PondScape Lake Detain Natural Phosphate Binder

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PondScape DETAIN Natural Phosphate Binder – 15 lb. Pail

A critical step in effective pond management & maintenance

  • Binds problem causing phosphate
  • Provides approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals
  • Buffers pH
  • Provides minor flocculation (settling) of suspended particles
  • Stimulates biological activity

Directions for Use

Apply 3 to 5 pounds of product per acre-foot of water. Best if used when water temperatures are above 50⁰ F.

Phosphate Binder can be used all season long. Best if mixed with pond water to make a slurry. Product can be slowly applied behind a prop driven boat. This helps mix product into pond. Can be applied up to 2x recommend rates. Multiple treatments per week can be used for murky water. Best results if used with Harmony beneficial bacteria. Can be used in alternate weeks or at the same time as bacteria treatments.

Phosphorus is an important nutrient for aquatic plants. The amount found in water is generally not more than 0.1 ppm unless the water has become polluted from waste water sources or excessive fertilizer runoff. When phosphorus levels exceed what is required for normal pond health, a process called eutrophication or premature aging of a body of water can take place. If water quality problems are caused by high phosphorus, treatments of DETAIN Phosphate Binder can be added. It works by binding reactive phosphorus at the molecular level and removing it from the water column. This removal helps to improve water quality in ponds and lakes.