Aquascape Koi Sock Net

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Safeguard your precious pond fish from stress and harm with the Aquascape Koi Sock Net. Designed with the well-being of koi and ornamental goldfish in mind, this net offers a secure and gentle method for transferring and handling your aquatic companions.

Crafted with a soft, coarse, and black mesh, the Koi Sock Net ensures that fish fins and scales remain unscathed during the transfer process. Operating the net is simple – with one hand, gently close the far end of the open net and guide the fish into it headfirst. To facilitate easy fish transfer, the mesh is designed not to hold water, reducing the net's weight during use.

The Koi Sock Net is built for practicality and ease of use. Its sturdy rubber-coated handle provides a reliable grip, and the lightweight frame enhances maneuverability. Additionally, a nylon loop integrated into the handle makes storage a breeze – simply hang the net when not in use.

Dimensions: 13” Length x 11.25” Width x 38.5” Depth

Prioritize the safety and well-being of your pond fish with the Aquascape Koi Sock Net – a tool designed to make fish transfers stress-free and gentle.