Aquascape IonGen™ REPLACEMENT Probe for the G2 System

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When the time comes to replace your IonGen™ System G2 probe, make sure to opt for the Aquascape IonGen™ Probe designed for the G2 System. This ensures the seamless functionality of your system. The IonGen™ System G2 effectively combats algae without the reliance on traditional liquid chemicals. Over time, as copper ions are introduced into the water, the probe is gradually consumed. Consequently, the probe will require replacement.

The IonGen™ Probe for the G2 System is meticulously crafted to fit the second generation IonGen™ flow chamber, facilitating a hassle-free probe installation process. This design choice minimizes complications and promotes uninterrupted system operation. The inclusion of a 5-foot quick-connect cable further simplifies the installation procedure.

For optimal results, pair the Aquascape IonGen™ Probe for the G2 System with the IonGen G2 – Item #95027. This pairing ensures that your IonGen™ System continues to effectively manage algae and contribute to the health of your water feature.