Aquascape IonGen™ G2 Probe Holder

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Introducing the Aquascape IonGen™ G2 Probe Holder – the perfect solution for precisely placing your Aquascape IonGen™ Probe in your water feature, eliminating the need for the included flow chamber. Designed for versatility, this holder is particularly useful in skimmer filters and Pondless® Waterfall Vaults, offering optimal positioning for the IonGen™ Probe.

Flexibility is paramount, as the IonGen™ G2 Probe Holder can be securely strapped to any pipe or check valve ranging from 1" to 4" in diameter. This adaptability ensures a seamless fit into various setups, accommodating different equipment sizes.

Engineered with a specialized design, this holder effectively maintains the IonGen™ Probe in its correct position, ensuring consistent performance. Crafted for durability, you can rely on this holder for trouble-free and enduring use.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of the Aquascape IonGen™ G2 Probe Holder – a solution designed to enhance the placement and effectiveness of your IonGen™ Probe, promoting optimal water quality in your water feature.