Aquascape Half Centipede w/Endcap

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Elevate the efficiency of your wetland filter with the Aquascape Half Centipede® Module, positioned strategically at the lowest point. This ingenious addition plays a pivotal role in expediting sediment removal, effectively reducing the need for constant maintenance while simultaneously enhancing water quality.

Distinguished by its modular design, the Half Centipede® Module accommodates both earth-bottom and lined ponds, ensuring its compatibility across diverse projects. Versatility takes center stage as this innovation can be seamlessly retrofitted into existing ponds, streamlining your upgrade process. For optimal results, consider pairing the Aquascape Half Centipede Module with the Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault.

Dimensions of Half Centipede with End Cap: 32" Length x 12" Width x 10.5" Height

Discover the transformative power of the Aquascape Half Centipede Module – a testament to Aquascape's commitment to maximizing the functionality and performance of your aquatic environment.