Aqua Control Fusion Series Aerating Floating Fountain 1/2HP

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Introducing the AquaControl Fusion Twister Series – a masterful fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and heightened efficiency. These high-performance aerators have undergone meticulous re-engineering to minimize motor stress and maximize overall performance. Crafted from robust high-strength composite materials, these groundbreaking display aerators stand out by offering the industry's most elevated spray patterns of their kind.

**Features & Benefits:**
- **Innovative Multi-Nozzle:** Create an array of captivating patterns using the same set of components.
- **Comprehensive Parts Set:** Included parts allow you to assemble 6 popular patterns.
- **Expanded Creativity:** Unlock limitless potential with an additional package that enables the creation of over 50 unique and stunning displays.
- **Innovative Twister Module:** Experience the cutting-edge Twister Module that imparts rotation to nearly any pattern at various speeds. (*Please note: Rotation is not applicable to Tornado, Torrent, Flare, and Daffodil patterns.*) This innovation translates into over 100 distinctive displays.
- **Unparalleled Value:** Enjoy the industry's most competitive pricing and exceptional performance.
- **Robust Warranty:** Benefit from a generous 3-year warranty, with the option to extend it by 2 years for motor and pump parts.

Elevate your water feature with the AquaControl Fusion Twister Series – a harmonious convergence of aesthetics, innovation, and unmatched performance.