Aquascape Fountain Shims

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Achieving optimal performance in your decorative fountain necessitates precise leveling. Introducing Aquascape Fountain Shims – the perfect solution for ensuring the proper alignment of a diverse array of water features and fountains, encompassing resin, concrete, and GFRC constructions. Designed to support impeccable balance, these shims facilitate the seamless operation of your water feature.

Boasting a robust plastic construction, these shims are immune to water damage, guaranteeing their resilience even in aquatic environments. Their stackable design further adds to their versatility, enabling you to adjust the elevation as needed. Each shim measures 4.5 inches by ¾ inch, offering the perfect dimensions to suit your leveling requirements.

Included within the package are six user-friendly shims, each designed for effortless application. With Aquascape Fountain Shims, you can be confident that your water feature stands on a stable foundation, ensuring both its visual appeal and operational excellence.