Aquascape Fountain Scale Free

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Introducing Aquascape Fountain Scale Free – the solution that maintains the aesthetic allure of your fountains by safely combating the buildup of calcium and scale. Fountains, over time, can succumb to the unsightly effects of hard water deposits and white scale. Aquascape Fountain Scale Free emerges as the remedy of choice, specially formulated to preserve the pristine surface of your fountain while introducing the delightful fragrance of lavender. This formula, designed to be non-toxic, assures the well-being of your avian inhabitants, fish, plants, and other creatures sharing your aquatic space.

This treatment boasts a user-friendly pump top mechanism, streamlining the application process. With one bottle treating up to 500 gallons (1,892 liters) and each pump administering treatment to ten gallons (37 liters), achieving the desired effects is both efficient and straightforward. Each bottle contains 8 ounces (236 ml) of this transformative solution.

Bid adieu to the adverse effects of calcium and scale, and welcome the enduring charm of your fountains with Aquascape Fountain Scale Free – a fusion of effectiveness, fragrance, and safety that aligns with Aquascape's commitment to enhancing your aquatic experience.