Aquascape Fountain Light Kit

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Transform the nighttime ambiance of your decorative fountain with the Aquascape Fountain Light Kit with Transformer. This kit introduces a captivating luminous ring at the pinnacle of your fountain, ushering in a whole new perspective after the sun sets.

The centerpiece of this kit is the fixture, hosting a robust 2.5-watt LED diode that emanates light equivalent to a 10-watt halogen bulb. Installation becomes a breeze, as the LED Fountain Accent Light effortlessly integrates into your fountain's design. Its barbed hose tail and quick-connect fitting facilitate swift installation, allowing water to elegantly pass through the light's center. Not only energy-efficient, this compact marvel flaunts a durable construction that promises years of hassle-free enjoyment. The 3000 Kelvin temperature of its light output ensures a natural-looking white illumination, enhancing your fountain's aesthetics.

Aquascape Fountain Lights are engineered to be watertight, ensuring immunity against water damage. The kit further offers peace of mind with its limited five-year full replacement warranty. Moreover, a 12V transformer is included, streamlining the installation process with precision.

Revitalize your fountain's nocturnal allure with the Aquascape Fountain Light Kit with Transformer – a fusion of innovation and elegance that will redefine your fountain's after-dark charm.