Aquascape Flo-Cell 30MM Drainage Cell

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Introducing the Flow-Cell Drainage Cell – a versatile solution that excels across a range of water feature applications, from intake bays to wetland filters and Pondless® Waterfalls. Crafted with precision, these lightweight cells, constructed from durable polypropylene, prove their mettle by seamlessly supporting substantial loads.

A standout feature of Flow-Cells lies in their exceptional infiltration capacity, marked by a remarkable 90% void ratio. This ingenious design resists clogging, ensuring swift drainage and optimal water flow. Their adaptability shines through as they find utility in various scenarios – positioned atop Aquablox, placed beneath liners, strategically located beneath waterfalls to trap debris, and even used adjacent to foundations during installations near buildings.

Each cell measures 16" by 24" and is 1.18" thick, reflecting its compact yet powerful design. Experience the dynamic capabilities of the Flow-Cell Drainage Cell as it elevates your water feature projects with efficiency and innovation.