Aquascape Floating Swan Decoy

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Safeguard your pond from unwanted geese and herons with the Aquascape Floating Swan Decoy. This lifelike swan decoy serves as a formidable deterrent against pests like the Canada goose, ensuring the protection of your precious aquatic space. Geese bring about numerous issues, including excessive grazing and waste accumulation that degrades water quality for your fish. Likewise, other predators such as the blue heron pose a threat to your fish population, causing potential losses.

Benefiting from the territorial nature of swans, this realistic decoy is designed to keep geese and herons at bay. The mere presence of the swan decoy discourages these nuisances, contributing to the preservation of a clean, safe, and thriving pond environment.

Constructed from durable polyresin and equipped with a resilient all-weather finish, the decoy stands as a testament to its enduring performance. You have the flexibility to deploy the swan as a floating feature on the water or position it on dry land, thanks to its anchor tab that facilitates easy securing.

Decoy Measurements: 31” Length x 15” Width x 18” Height

Elevate the protection and aesthetics of your pond with the Aquascape Floating Swan Decoy – a guardian that embodies both function and beauty to ensure the well-being of your aquatic haven.