Aquascape Floating Alligator Decoy

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Inject a playful touch into your pond while safeguarding your cherished fish. Introducing the 34" Floating Alligator Decoy – a whimsical yet effective addition to your aquatic haven. Crafted with three hinged body parts, this decoy possesses the ability to float with lifelike movement upon the water's surface, infusing your pond with a sense of dynamic realism.

Embrace the benefits beyond amusement, as this lifelike movement also serves to deter unwanted visitors. The natural motion of the decoy not only adds vibrancy to your pond but also discourages herons and other potential predators from encroaching on your precious aquatic ecosystem.

Engage in both protection and entertainment with the 34" Floating Alligator Decoy – a charismatic guardian that elevates the ambiance of your pond while actively contributing to its safety.