Aquascape Fire and Water Spillway Bowl

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Indulge your senses and unwind from the pressures of life with the Aquascape Fire and Water Spillway Bowl. This masterpiece ignites a sensory symphony that captivates your surroundings. A striking flame at the center of the Spillway Bowl illuminates the night while water dances gracefully around the fire, ultimately cascading from the spout in a mesmerizing display.

Crafted from lightweight yet durable fiber-resin composite, this creation boasts a construction designed for longevity, supported by its natural-looking patina that promises years of joy. The Fire and Water Spillway Bowl offers the flexibility of installation as a recirculating water feature, leveraging the Aquascape AquaBasin® 45 (item # 78224, sold separately), or seamlessly integrating it into an existing pond or water feature.

Each system comes complete with:

  • The Fire and Water Spillway Bowl
  • An auto-ignite flame control system with push-button ignition and flame control for a secure and convenient setup
  • Gas and water tubing
  • Power cables
  • A propane tank regulator

Feature Size: 34” Length x 32” Width x 15” Height

Experience the fusion of fire and water in the Aquascape Fire and Water Spillway Bowl – a manifestation of tranquility and visual delight that elevates your outdoor space into an oasis of beauty and serenity.