Aquascape EXT Pump 2" - 3” Plumbing Kit

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Experience the convenience of the EXT Pump Plumbing Kit – a comprehensive solution that streamlines the installation, priming, and operation of your EXT pump. With all the essential fittings and valves at your disposal, achieving a smooth setup has never been easier. Once primed, the pump's operation can be managed effortlessly, even toggling on and off without the need for constant repriming, as long as the suction line holds water.

Key Features:

  • 3″ Swing Check Valve: Strategically positioned within the Pondless® Waterfall Vault, this valve serves as the pump's suction intake, ensuring a continuous water supply to the EXT pump.
  • 3″ Union Connection: Simplifying maintenance, this feature enables swift and hassle-free disconnection and reconnection.
  • 3″ Liner Flange: Concealing plumbing that extends beyond the pond's edge becomes a breeze, thanks to this liner-flange integration.
  • 3″ Van Stone Flange (Intake) and 2″ Van Stone Flange (Discharge): These connections are designed with serviceability in mind, allowing for easy pump maintenance.
  • 2″ Priming Port and Ball Valve: Getting your pump started initially is a breeze with the priming port and included ball valve.
  • 2″ to 3″ Bushing: This component facilitates an underground connection to the 3″ Aquascape Flexible PVC pipe, ensuring seamless transitions.
  • Note: All PVC pipes are available separately.

Elevate your aquatic endeavors with the EXT Pump Plumbing Kit – designed to empower your pump's performance while simplifying your installation and maintenance processes.