Aquascape EPDM Liner Patch 6″

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Dealing with water feature leaks can indeed be a frustrating and challenging task. However, the Aquascape EPDM Liner Patch offers a convenient solution to address holes, tears, and cuts in EPDM liners effectively. This self-adhesive patch, measuring 6 inches, simplifies the repair process and provides a quick fix to resolve the issue of leaks.

By using the EPDM Liner Patch, you can efficiently seal and mend damaged areas in your water feature's liner, whether it's a pond, waterfall, or other aquatic installation. The self-adhesive nature of the patch ensures a secure and reliable bond, helping to prevent further leaks and water loss.

This product allows you to swiftly address liner damage, ensuring that you can enjoy your water feature without the frustration and hassle of ongoing leaks. The Aquascape EPDM Liner Patch is a convenient tool that enables you to maintain the integrity of your water feature and keep it functioning as intended.