Aquascape EcoWave® Pond Pump

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Aquascape EcoWave® Pond Pumps represent a cutting-edge solution in the realm of magnetically driven pond and waterfall pumps. These pumps are purposefully designed to deliver impressive flow rates while operating at low head heights, making them particularly well-suited for various water feature setups.

The EcoWave® Pond Pumps stand out due to their innovative internal smart mag-drive motor technology, which ensures exceptional electrical efficiency. By utilizing this technology, the pumps can achieve high performance while minimizing the amount of electricity consumed. This not only helps reduce operational costs but also promotes environmental sustainability by conserving energy.

The vortex-style impeller integrated into these pumps further contributes to their efficiency and reliable performance. This impeller design enhances water circulation and flow, optimizing the pump's capabilities in terms of both volume and pressure.

These pond pumps are especially suitable for installations within pond skimmers and Pondless® Waterfall Vaults, where their attributes can be leveraged to achieve effective water circulation and movement. Whether you're creating a pond, waterfall, or other water feature, the Aquascape EcoWave® Pond Pumps offer a sophisticated solution that balances performance, energy efficiency, and durability.