EasyPro Water Conditioner PLUS

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  • Toxin Removal:
    • Ammonia, Chlorine, Chloramines: Eliminates ammonia and chlorine while also destroying chloramines, common contaminants in water.
    • Nitrite Detoxification: Detoxifies nitrite, another harmful substance.
    • Heavy Metal Detox: Also detoxifies heavy metals, ensuring a safer environment for aquatic life.
  • Health Enhancement:
    • Electrolyte Addition: Adds essential electrolytes to the water, promoting a balanced environment.
    • Skin Slime Coat Enhancement: Enhances the skin slime coat of aquatic life, which is crucial for their protection.
    • Stress Reduction: Reduces stress levels in fish and other aquatic creatures.


  • Apply at a rate of 1 fluid ounce per 60 gallons of water to achieve the following reductions:
    • 1 ppm of ammonia
    • 2 ppm of Chlorine
    • 3.2 ppm of Chloramine

This conditioner offers a comprehensive solution to various water toxins while supporting the health and stress reduction of aquatic life.


Water Conditioner PLUS -16 oz - treats 960 Gallons

Water Conditioner PLUS -32 oz - treats 1920 Gallons

Water Conditioner PLUS -1 gal - treats 7680 Gallons