EasyPro Two Valve Aeration Manifold

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  • VO2N Two Valve Outlet
  • Use when operating two pond diffusers from a single rotary vane compressor
  • Aluminum block with brass valves and galvanized connectors
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the compressor in case airlines become kinked, plugged or frozen
  • Union coupling allows for quick and easy removal of the pump
  • Air flow to each diffuser is controlled by a heavy duty brass ball valve
  • 2′ piece of flexible hose included on each line to dissipate heat and allow for easy tubing connection
  • 1/4″ mpt connection for compressor, can be modified if needed
  • 1/2″ barb nylon fittings at end of heater hose, can be modified if needed
  • Use pressure gauge (sold separately) to monitor system pressure