EasyPro Sludge Remover Bacteria Blocks

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The Sludge Remover Bacteria in 1 oz. dissolvable blocks is another effective solution for pond maintenance:

  • Dissolvable Blocks: Designed for mess-free use, these blocks immediately dissolve upon contact with water.
  • Benefits: Targets and reduces toxic compounds like ammonia and nitrite, along with problematic nitrate and phosphate.
  • Water Clarity: Helps clear murky water caused by organic waste.
  • Sludge Reduction: Aids in reducing organic bottom sludge, thereby minimizing odors.
  • Safety: Safe for fish, pets, and family members.
  • Cold Water Effectiveness: Works effectively in colder temperatures down to 45°F.

Directions for Use:

  • Use one 1 oz. block per 1000 gallons of water weekly.
  • For heavier sludge, apply two 1 oz. blocks per 1000 gallons of water weekly until desired results are achieved.

This method seems quite convenient and safe for maintaining a healthy pond environment, especially in dealing with various organic waste-related issues!