EasyPro Rocking Piston Air Outlet Assemblies

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This valved outlet air assembly is used when operating multiple pond diffusers from a single rocking piston compressor. This helps control air flow to diffusers, dissipate heat from compressor before the air tubing and also includes a pressure relief valve to protect the compressor if airlines become kinked, plugged or frozen.
Aluminum and brass design
Designed for use 1/4″ outlet rocking piston compressors
Includes swivel union for easy removal from compressor
25 psi pressure relief valve included
Nickel plated brass valves to control air flow to diffusers
2 ft. “heater” hose to dissipate heat before air tubing connections
1/4″ mpt connection for compressor
3/8″ nylon barb fitting at end of outlet hose will accept poly or weighted tubing
Larger valved outlet assemblies are available for rotary vane or other low pressure compressors