EasyPro pH Up – 16 oz

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The pH Up solution seems pretty straightforward for pH control in water:

  • pH Regulation:
    • Adjustment: Increases the pH levels in pond water effectively.
    • Safe Formulation: Safe for use in both fresh and saltwater environments.
  • Safe for Aquatic Life:
    • Fish and Plant Safety: Designed to be safe for fish and aquatic plants.
  • Usage Guidelines:
    • Dosing: Apply 1 fluid ounce per 600 gallons of pond water.
    • Incremental Adjustments: To increase the pH by 1/10 of a point, add 1 fluid ounce per 600 gallons and allow circulation for at least 30 minutes before retesting.
  • Storage and Safety:
    • Storage: Recommended storage temperature between 60 – 100°F.
    • Safety Note: Not classified as a medication, chemotherapeutic agent, or economic poison. Ensure it's kept out of reach of children.

Remember, it's essential to monitor pH levels regularly to maintain optimal conditions for aquatic life.