EasyPro Large AquaFalls

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AL2 Large AquaFalls with Matala Pads
Large AquaFalls waterfall filter has an inlet hole on each side of the filter. Use the one that’s most convenient for your incoming water and simply plug the other hole with plug (included) or buy a ball valve and use the second hole as a drain.
Easy to install, simply bolt lip to filter and you’re done – no foaming rock lip into place!
AquaFalls Filters are buried into the ground making them easy to hide.

Faux rock lip
Stainless steel hardware
Three Matala filter pads (1 green, 2 blue) with support stand
Six mesh media bags (MB21)
Two – 3″ bulkhead fittings
3″ PVC male adapter, 3″ PVC plug and black silicone