EasyPro Bronze Frothy Nozzles

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Introducing the Bronze Frothy Nozzle, a popular choice known for producing a thick, foaming geyser that creates an eye-catching column of spray. This versatile nozzle is often used in multiple installations, with each nozzle set at a different height to achieve a dramatic and visually stunning display. Here are the key features of the Bronze Frothy Nozzle:

Key Features:

  • Foamy Geyser Effect: The Bronze Frothy Nozzle is designed to produce a thick and foaming geyser, creating a captivating column of spray. This effect adds an element of drama and visual appeal to the fountain.

  • Multiple Nozzle Arrangements: It is common to use multiple Bronze Frothy Nozzles at different heights to enhance the overall display. This arrangement can result in a dynamic and multi-layered fountain design.

  • Water Level Dependence: Due to the air being mixed with water at the nozzle, it is important to maintain a constant water level in the pool. This ensures the consistent and desired performance of the frothy geyser effect.

  • Built-in Bronze Swivel: The nozzle features a built-in bronze swivel that allows the nozzles to tilt up to 15 degrees in any direction. This swivel adds flexibility to the installation, enabling adjustments to achieve the desired spray pattern.

  • Material: Crafted from bronze, this frothy nozzle is durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan even in outdoor water features.

Create a captivating and dynamic fountain display with the Bronze Frothy Nozzle. Its ability to produce a foamy geyser effect, along with the flexibility of multiple nozzle arrangements and built-in swivel, makes it a popular choice for achieving visually stunning water features.