EasyPro Flush Mount Arching Jet Nozzle

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This nozzle is designed to be poured flush into concrete or Porous Pave, the adjustable eyeball allows the stream to be aimed in any direction after installation.

Introducing the Flush Mount Arching Jet Nozzle, an ideal solution for splash pads and formal pools. This nozzle features a 3/8" orifice that produces a clear stream of water, providing a visually appealing and controlled water display. Here are the key features of this nozzle:

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Specific Applications: The Flush Mount Arching Jet Nozzle is specifically designed for use in splash pads and formal pools. Its characteristics make it well-suited for these particular water features.

  • Clear Stream: With a 3/8" orifice, this nozzle produces a clear and defined stream of water, adding a polished and elegant element to the overall water display.

  • Adjustable Eyeball: The adjustable eyeball feature allows for flexibility in directing the water stream after installation. This adjustability ensures that the water can be shot in any desired direction, providing versatility in the design of the water feature.

  • Inlet Size: The nozzle is equipped with a 1" MPT (Male Pipe Thread) inlet, facilitating easy installation and compatibility with standard plumbing fittings.

  • Versatility: While designed for specific applications, the Flush Mount Arching Jet Nozzle can also be considered for other formal water features where a controlled and clear stream is desired.

Enhance the aesthetics of your splash pad or formal pool with the Flush Mount Arching Jet Nozzle. Its clear stream, adjustable eyeball, and easy installation make it a practical and visually pleasing choice for creating controlled water displays in designated areas.