EasyPro Concentrated Defoamer

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The Concentrated Defoamer seems to serve a specific purpose in aquatic environments:

  • Foam Reduction:
    • Effectiveness: Concentrated formula designed to eliminate foam in water effectively.
    • Application: Suitable for various water environments such as water gardens, koi ponds, and fish hauling trucks.
  • Safety Around Aquatic Life:
    • Fish, Plants, and Pets: Formulated to be safe for fish, plants, and pets.
  • Usage Guidelines:
    • Dosing: Apply one fluid ounce per 1000 gallons of pond water as needed to eliminate foaming.
    • Adjustments for Fish Loads: In areas with higher fish loads (like hauling trucks or fish ponds), higher dosages can be safely used.

It's crucial to adhere to recommended dosages and use it as needed to control excessive foaming while ensuring the safety of aquatic life.


16 oz bottle treats 16000 gallons

i gallons treats 128000 gallons