EasyPro Cartridge Filter

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Introducing our Cartridge Filter, specially crafted for formal feature applications where collecting and filtering particles is essential to prevent nozzle clogging. While these filters are not designed for pond use, they are ideal for pools and water features with chlorination.

Key Features:

  • Lock Ring Lid Closure: The cartridge filter is designed with a lock ring lid closure, making access for cleaning a breeze. This user-friendly feature ensures quick and easy maintenance to keep your formal feature application running smoothly.

  • Polyester Media Cartridge: The filter includes a cartridge with 100% polyester media. This material provides long cleaning cycles, resulting in an extended filter life. The efficient filtration helps keep nozzles from clogging, maintaining the performance of your water feature.

  • Built-in Air Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge: Equipped with a built-in air relief valve and pressure gauge, the cartridge filter allows for easy monitoring of system pressure. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of the filtration process.

  • Quick Disconnect Unions and Large Drain Plug: The filter is equipped with 1 1/2" quick disconnect unions, facilitating convenient installation and removal. Additionally, a large 1 1/2" drain plug is included for easy debris removal, further simplifying maintenance.

Choose our Cartridge Filter for your formal feature applications to ensure effective particle filtration, prevent nozzle clogging, and maintain the pristine condition of your water feature. With its user-friendly design and efficient features, this filter is a valuable component for enhancing the performance and longevity of your formal water feature.