Kasco C-10 Temperature Controller for De-icer

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The Kasco C-10 thermostat controller is an inexpensive way to control the operation of your de-icer. The C-10 uses an air temperature thermostat to turn the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point that you decide. One C-10 controls one 115 volt de-icer.


Plug the C-10 Power Cord into a properly grounded 120V outlet.
Set the temperature you desire the de-icer to come on by rotating the themostat dial to the arrow. It is recommended to set the temperature at 30°F. The C-10 works on temperature fall. When the ambient air temperature reaches the set point on the thermostat, the de-icer will turn on. There is a 2.5°F differential, so when the temperature rises to 2.5°F above the set thermostat temperature, the de-icer will turn off.
Plug the INSTALLED Kasco De-Icer into the piggyback plug of the C-10.